Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mascot Concept 01 (lineart v3)

My mascot progress for the 2010 Ai-Kon challenge. I think im going to do one more swipe at her before I colour, re-design the staff a bit, add some pieces of flair (anime keychains, buttons, ect)

any crits would be much appreciated! and I plan on designing at least one more, so any ideas for the #2 girl would also be fantastic :)

stay classy gang (yes i said gang)

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James said...


The quality of work you have been producing lately is very impressive. I've been sketching a fair amount mostly on my DS. Brito is having an art night every Thursday at his Tattoo parlour. you should come along it is a good time. I was there last night and it was a blast.

My only crit on this picture... which is amazing by the way, is that the girls staff in the perspective you have it should probably not go below where her feet rest in the composition. If the tip touching the ground moves up a bit higher I think it will complement the angle you have her standing at.