Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WIP Tree Guardian

I had originally planned to enter into a "Create A Collosus" contest, but ran out of time- I blame my little sis's wedding. very selfish of here not to adjust things to my schedule :)

I still plan on finishing the piece, the final will feature a group of horrified little woodsman whom just shopped down trees in the wrong woods.

On a side note: my little sis got married last weekend, it was a great event, copious amounts of pictures, family noise and festivities. I think i might be fully recovered sometime next week.

Portal Fanart:
Finally managed to play a bit of this game the other week, thought it would make a great addition to the print selection for the upcoming comic cons. (Ai-Kon, Toronto and Chicago, i'll blog about those soonish)

My new favorite trick: build your artwork in grayscale, then play with colours afterwards. It really allows you to experiment and come up with some nice looks.

was about time to update this beast... My lack of updates was due to a comic project with Bluewater productions- I'll have my first comic on shelves this August :)

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