Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winnipeg Comic Con

Another Winnipeg comic con has come and gone, and I'm happy to report that I managed to double my print sales compared to last years show :) between that, all the great people I met, and the copious amount of other shenanigans I got up to this weekend, I'm placing this Halloween firmly into the the legendary category :)

Set up my table at the con, the volunteers, of course, sent several artists to the wrong tables, so there was a bit of shuffling, but I've come to expect things like that at c4 :)
I had to duck out of the convention early in order to take off to Brandon for my eldest sis's wedding social. My friends and I managed to take home the group costume prize at the end of the night... as the group of sexy nurses.

The very good looking and talented James Gillespie was kind enough to work my table Saturday morning, giving me a chance to recover from the social and make my way back into Winnipeg.
After the frenzy that is Saturday at a con, there was a quick visit at Boston Pizza for a beer and perogi pizza (oh my god delicious) and then it was off to the Six Pines Haunted house, just outside of Winnipeg- it's worth checking out

Sunday at c4 was the very first time I've ever seen the biggest attendance on the last day of a show, thank you Will Shatner:) Sales were steady throughout the day, and as always, the end of the show, there was a rushed race to catch various artists before they packed up for art trades. got some good stuff.

Still mentally and physically exhausted from the show, but already getting excited about the prospect of the next big show, and have made a big long list of new pieces to get ready in time for it :)

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