Thursday, January 28, 2010


a jab at the melodrama that is facebook
(or any other social networking with a status option, really)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Sketchbook!!

You may notice through the sketchbook, that a certain boy magician and his bunny make several appearances. Thats because over the holidays I began development on a comic strip, something I've been wanting to do since I was a wee tot.

My character sheets are done, I've got about 40 strips scripted, and am currently putting together some poster/cover artwork,
it's been quite an exhilarating project :)

I am very close to mailing out my strips proposals to newspapers, maybe a syndicate or two, but this is much more about me telling some funny jokes with art than creating a successful strip. I will keep you in the loop with how things pan out:)

Quite an opportunity

the above link pertains to a large illustration workshop in Banff (this feb), featuring some heavy hitting artists, including some people from pixar (Que girlish scream of excitement)

however the workshop does take place in Banff, plus, I would need so much more time before I had my illustrative portfolio ready to show to someone from pixar, it's also a bit on the pricey side, plus I'm already making the trip out to calgary con soon, also, it's in banff. And it's in banff. Banff is far far away.
Next year for sure.

I've sent away a small application to attend and run a table at a craft sale in a month or so, my idea was to have small watercolours(like above) available for request. We shall see if i get a spot...

This pic reminds me of the days goosebumps novels reigned supreme on my bookshelf... that was a fun series.
(revenge of the lawn gnomes)

I recently stumbled upon this site

which is a hub for design/illustration competitions. My mind slightly blew upon my first visit. Now that I've settled down,
I plan on entering a contest here and there.

You really can't expect to get anywhere with your drawings and design work if no one ever sees them (are my thoughts)

Saw Sherlock Holmes the other night. Wowza, extremely good movie. The amount of detail spent on the sets/environments/costumes etc was especially noteworthy. Spectacular acting performances, witty dialogue and great pace, helped out as well. Well done.

The main criticism I've been hearing about this flick, is that it's not true enough to the original story and characters.

I really can't comment on that (as i've never read the original/s), but I really don't think anyone can get too upset, this movie was fantastic.

The accumulation of about a month in a sketchbook :)