Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cassie Colab

Lines by the lovely, and very talented  Vanessa Fordoe (my colours on the left, hers on the right)
This colab will be printed in the final Cassie & Tonk graphic novel at the back alongside all the conceptual dooldes/workflow etc.

Be sure to head over and check out her version... her shoe detail/colouring kicked the crap outa mine

Lost Without Our Muses

A once great city, until the Gods of Muse abandoned its people.
Some say you can still catch glimpses of inspirations incarnate on the crumbling bridges and spires....

I had a ton of fun with this one- its one of those pieces you can just keep adding and adding

Artbbook (+exclusive new print) is Available for sale!

The Chasing Artwork Artbook 01 is now available to order!
60 pages of my art background, full tutorials/workflow, how I prep/operate at comic cons, doodles galore, and tons of shattered vectory goodness.

Limited Run. Only 500 books printed. 
Every book is Signed and hand numbered (45 out of 500)

Exciting bonus to ordering online: The first 100 copies sold will be shipped along with a New, Exclusive, signed print. This piece will only be available with book orders, and will eventually be posted online once the first 100 have been shipped.