Monday, November 19, 2012

Auto Avenger: Thor

Auto Avenger: Thor

♦ Extraordinary strength, endurance
♦ Concussion & Shock based weaponry
♦ Brief flight capabilities
♦ The Hammer can only be operated by Thor alone- cannot be interfaced or hacked by any other
♦ Electrified armor
♦ Internal self sufficient core- constantly generating massive amounts of power

♦ Built and operates like a Brawler, not much of a Tactician (operates best in a team) 
♦ Must release excess electricity periodicity, Core becomes unstable if electricity is allowed to build

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Auto Avenger: Loki

Oh, you thought I was done after the Gotham Gears?? just getting warmed up.

♦ Incredibly Intelligent/Master Manipulator 
♦ Teleportation
♦ Gravitational Manipulation
♦ Projectile weaponry
♦ Holographic Projection

♦ Not an especially strong combatant, would rather pull strings from behind the scenes and have others do his fighting for him.
♦ doesn't have many friends 

Up next: Thor

November Commissions

Commissioned to draw the Goddess of Delirium :) she was a ton of fun to draw- and I was reminded of Penelope from "Wreck it Ralph" as I worked...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Print Sale

SALE OVER! thanks to all who grabbed prints :)

The con season is finished! and I thought I would throw a bit of an off-season Sale for those of you I don't get to meet at shows. To purchase, all you need to do is select how many you would like (the more you buy, the cheaper) hit the Buy Now button, and once the Paypal site comes up, there will be a special instructions form you can fill out- please let me know:
• The Prints you would like
• Your Name
• Address
• Email
• Special Instructions (draw a pony on the envelope, etc)

I will ship your prints via magical owl a day or two after your purchase, and they will be there in a couple of days ! (depending where your located)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!! Gotham Gears WIP

I really really tried to get this done for Halloween, but I couldn't make it  and at about 4am last night I realized his look was heading in the wrong direction. I need to make him lankier, change the stance, less bulky torso, there will be stich-esq designs added, and etc.

So heres my first attempt at the Scarecrow Gotham Gear, its got a lot wrong, and needs a fair amount of work before it looks like a proper Scarecorw Mech, but I thought I would share the HORROR that is my half finished work file.  all the parts strewn around him have been torn from other gotham gears

Give me a couple days, I'll get my head back on straight and release the real Scarecrow Gotham Gear. Hope you cats have a happy Halloween!

C4 Weekend!!

The Winnipeg Comic con is right around the corner, and i have been busy prepping :)

I'm not sure why, but I get more excited about our little local con, than some of the mega large ones I attend, I think its because this con used to be the only one I ever went to, and I would work all year towards it.