Monday, October 8, 2012

The Joker

♦ Utterly Unpredictable
♦ Runs on a damaged energy core, he's constantly leaking radiation that causes other machines to malfunction when in close proximity
♦ Constantly making modifications/adjustments to his build, adding elements of his victims to his own soft & hardware...
(he does this impulsively, regardless of whether or not these souvenirs are an improvement)

♦ Utterly Unpredictable
♦ Monologues

♦ The Joker Gear wears an ancient piece of clothing supposedly worn by the Original Joker.
♦ It's theorized that the Joker gear is in actuallity, a failed attempt to make the original Batman Gear 

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This is it for the Gotham Gears!! (for now) Hope you cats enjoyed  I've got some other projects to tie up, and then we'll see about getting you a scarecrow and such... 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gotham Gears: Batman

Seeing as he's the big guy- I thought I would release him solo (Joker will be released solo as well) I figured this would be a good time to reveal the logo as well, hope ya like.

♦ Prototype construct of unknown origin.
♦ Genius-level intellect, appears highly skilled in Combat/stealth/hacking (full capabilities unknown)
♦Armed with a seemingly endless supply of unknown&advanced weaonry/gadgets

♦ Unknown.

and of course, check out the rest of the Gotham Gears lineup

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gotham Gears: Mr Freeze & The Penguin

♦ Extraordinarily long lasting power source- powered by a collection of unique cold-fusions cells. (self designed+integrated)
♦ Emits a extremely cold temperature pulse - most machinery can't function properly if it comes within a close proximity
♦ Superior intelligence

♦ Operating system heavily relies on extremely cold conditions, Freeze can barley function once internal temperature starts approaching zero degrees.
(especially the head unit, requires an enclosed coolant filled dome at all times to ensure constant cold)

♦ Built from a extraordinarily complex arrangement of custom gears and hydraulics- Penguin runs on unknown types of software and hardware.
♦ Invulnerable to any kind of electrical interference / system hacking ect.
♦ Has a sidekick/butler/kamikaze penguin bot named Sardine

♦ Repairs are extremely difficult to make- every piece needs to be custom built from rare alloys
♦ He actually needs the umbrella, or he'll rust in the rain