Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gotham Gears.

Gotham Gears: Catwoman & Bane

and I thought it would look cool

♦Unparalleled strength
♦Near invunrability to concussion attacks (susceptible to piercing attacks)
♦Very intelligent tactician/strategist 

♦ function relies on rare hydraulic V.E.N.-Fluid. It constantly needs to replenished

♦Stealth (brief invisibility, but only when stationary, illusion collapses upon movement)
♦Second set of smaller hands capable of extrodinarily quick+percise actions (disarming alarms, opening safes etc)
♦Set of retractable whip/tentacle tails for quick moment/attack/long distance interaction (when the whips retract, they recoil as her tail)

♦delicate build- she can't take much of a hit ( but is quick enough that she rarely has to)

Next set= Freeze & Penguin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Batman: One Last Kiss

Poison Ivy giving Batman a last smooch before dinnertime.

Ivy was one of my very first boyhood crushes that batman cartoon was the best... I need to re-watch that series

and don't sweat it- im sure ol bats has a battarang ready to whip out for exactly this situation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Iron Giant: Souls Don't Die

One of my favorite films of all time. 

This past sunday night, I preformed a live vector painting at the Opera/republic "labor of Love" block party.

For this type of show, I set up my computer, wacom cintiq and get plugged into a hd projector. Whatever happens on my screen happens on a 25x25foot projection on the side of a building, and people watch a painting from start to finish as the night progresses.

The guy with glasses in the foreground is proud Winnipegger/dj/host of ceremonies "Ace Burpee" he was one of the hosts of the night- the background is the Winnipeg forks/cityscape

started the painting at about 745pm, ended around 1am

the awesome photos were taken by good friend: Christopher J Gibson