Saturday, November 10, 2012

Print Sale

SALE OVER! thanks to all who grabbed prints :)

The con season is finished! and I thought I would throw a bit of an off-season Sale for those of you I don't get to meet at shows. To purchase, all you need to do is select how many you would like (the more you buy, the cheaper) hit the Buy Now button, and once the Paypal site comes up, there will be a special instructions form you can fill out- please let me know:
• The Prints you would like
• Your Name
• Address
• Email
• Special Instructions (draw a pony on the envelope, etc)

I will ship your prints via magical owl a day or two after your purchase, and they will be there in a couple of days ! (depending where your located)


Unknown said...

Really awesome stuff. If you ever do a poster-size version of the Colossus I'd love to purchase one. I attend pretty much all the Toronto based Comic-cons/Fan Expos. Do eeet.

Unknown said...

I just saw your Auto dark Spiderman pic on facebook and was really interested in seeing about getting a copy but i can't figure out how to select a pic to purchase. If you have more spiderman , venom , carnage and any other marvel works i'd love to see them and possibly buy some from you. Please get back to me when you can.
thanks James