Wednesday, October 29, 2008

yeauk, being sick sucks

finished version of a t-shirt design we sold at a keg party this weekend, think we got rid of them all, so "success". Fun times, but a hurtful morning after.
Shirts sold in pink and white-(below) Ill have to post last years poster I did for these guys... it was a nightmare, start to finish, much better experience this time.

Another fun poster design for work, pretty proud that we had this much fun working for the federal council.
I've been a train wreck health-wise the last little bit, rough weekend followed by catching some kind of crappy cold bug- bleag. it hurts productivity. On the up and up- Work has thrown me some great projects lately, couple fun logos, creative posters here and there, been nice
Personal work-wise, its been a bit slower, mostly due to the fact that im so scattered- i need to tackle things a little more head on rather than 8 at once...i just get excited.
but some great stuff in the works, it will all be worth it.

Want to be absolutely blown the f away?? listen to this guy, the most phenomenal, music to draw and design to, love it.

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