Saturday, November 8, 2008

I made a Tutorial!!

thought id try to make one of these :) i love when people show their process, heres mine for a vector drawing.

1. Sketch
I start with a guideline pencil, usually a blue or pink, I find these really help explore and have fun with a drawing before you discover whats in your finished piece.

2. Line Art
Vector baby, its a great medium, allowing you produce perfect prints and get some super clean artwork - photoshop is superior in many aspects, but i generally enjoy working with the pen tool, i think i just need to try more digital paintings

3. Base Colours
Lay down the foundation, at this stage you should try a couple different ways of colouring the piece, a great pallet can make or break.

4. Shading
shade this thing up, i usually use 3 shades for my colouring (one base tone, shadow tone and highlight tone) check out references for these, its quite surprising how much a couple plotches of highlight can really pop the image

5. Design
nothing helped my development as an artist more than studying graphic design, i like to texturize these days, makes the drawing more tactile :) but do what you will, have fun

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James said...

Sweet tutorial dude!