Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My follow up piece to "Frail" (older post)
thinkin i want to take another stab at this one down the line, but having a lot of fun with the messy broken style.

...I think I should also mention that I had just watched Mirror Mask for the first time, prior to doing this piece. I think it was an influence.


Joe Romano 2 said...

Very cool! WHat program do you use? How did you create the "noise" or the white scratches through the image. I noticed that Skottie young does that quite a bit, really cool look.

Justin said...

most of my digital pieces are done in vector with adobe illustrator- the bottom of the dress was cut into many pieces and then i move the small pieces about randomly to give it a texture look- the scribbles are just the pen tool with a brush stroke (basically scribbles)

hope that helps :)

Ryan van der Draaij said...

Great Blog! Diggin' your sketch work. I just noticed your comment 2day. I'm a neat freak but my studio gets a little messy from time 2 time. Linked your blog.