Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bits and Bites

So i have a nifty Idea for my next 30 posts or so posts: I recently picked up a small little note/sketchbook to carry around, In the next couple of days I plan on attacking it with doodles, scribbles, and the such, then upload one of the sketches EACH DAY for 30 (or something) days as well as a caption of what/where i was when the lil drawing occurred... should be fun! :)
I saw the "New Moon" twilight movie... and... not too bad. some neat werewolf/vamp fights... some humorous dialogue (not sure how laughable it was supposed to be) but all in all I had fun with it. nothing too special, but watchable for sure.

It was not even close to how horrible most people are roaring about, I think twilight is just one of those fads that's really fun to hate. some people are having a lot of fun.

H1N1... Im still a bit foggy on this illnesses deal. It can kill younger healthier individuals... but only in specific circumstances, and most times it just ends up being a wimpy version of the regular flu. seems to me I should be just as worried about crossing the street.

Kella! my werewolf hunter... just hanging out, bein coo :)

( i think the animated batman's poison Ivy character was my first crush... until Little Mermaid)
This drawing is halfway through being watercoloured, hope to upload the final soon.

Corrrraaaalllliiiine: on a very fun note, I plan on attending a traditional animation course through the Winnipeg art gallery soon! Animation is a medium that I have utmost respect and adoration for, and i think I would attempt it far more often if I was in a program of sorts :)

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lizbomb said...

sigh, i guess i need to put on my evil nurse's outfit and lecture you some more about h1n1..... wait - is this just a ploy to get me into an evil nurse's outfit?!? well played. xoxo