Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Fight and a Chief

A Hmmm to life lately.

This past Saturday, I participated in the Folk Fest Craft Sale event, which was my first ever craft sale... My setup was basically an array of small watercolours, complete with a sign advertising custom paintings upon request. Sold a handful of paintings, but things were fairly slow. What made it worth it: was one little kid who asked for a transformer type robot with a T on it's chest (for Trevor) half an hour later, Trevor and his dad came back, they were ecstatic over the result of the painting- so much, that they requested another for Ollie, Trevor's friend whom was having a birthday that very day. Cool. cool beans.

Watched Halo's animated project (Halo Legends) recently, which is a similar idea to the Animatrix film- you get about 6-8 animation studios telling an array of short stories in a array of styles. Bit of a hit/miss eperience, but fun to watch none-the-less.

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