Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the Master Chief, We Trust

A newer, far superior Halo fan art.

Attended the Winnipeg Toy/comic con convention for the first time last week (over 1000+ attended). I did far more business in the Artists alley than I expected, selling out of all my new stuff, and getting rid of most everything else. I desperately need to re-stock my prints.

More Artists alley lessons learned:
• Prints Sell. Sell Prints.
• Come over-prepared, you can always sell stuff/or will need it later down the road.
(i was kicking myself for having such limited quantities last weekend)
• No matter how obvious you label your prices, you still need to tell people how much stuff costs.
• Funny stuff sells. especially fanart funnies.
• every kid under 18 wants halo artwork
• bring a large book/magazine full of comic book characters. I had a couple obscure requests I could of really used some reference for.
• Doing free sketches for kids under 12 is a fantastic way for getting other stuff sold

...I feel a bit... im not sure, dishonest? making all this fanart from shows/games that I've never even played or watched. lol

Calgary Expo is also coming up! tré excited to head to that, get to meet Data from star trek! (I am a big fan of the Next Gen series)

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