Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Iron Giant

This movie is one of my all-time favorites. the thing is a masterpiece. I really couldn't recommend it more.

other news:
Did a presentation at winnipegs Pecha Kucha the other night- was incredibly nerve racking to show my work to a full theatre of people, but a great experience non-the-less. I'll be able to post my video as soon as it's posted :)

I always find around this time of year, when summer is starting up and the weather really heats up, that I get more lazy and generally uninspired for a time. I always chalked it up to your body trying to adjust to the new weather pattern. Upon some research, I found that many of my friends also go through a blah-spell around this time. weird, and annoying.

I am a confirmed artist for Chicago Wizard Con! which is a 4day con in august (2nd biggest con in north america, second only to San Diego), so I have a bit of time to prep some new artwork... I am all kinds of excited.

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