Sunday, October 3, 2010


October is here! woot.
that means scary movies, sweet piles of leaves scattered willy nilly, and for us winnipeg artists: the big comic con

for jacky boy here- i tried to tie in some edward scissor hands influence, make him look more like the "king" of halloween :)

movie stuff: I ressomend checking out the new animated "Red Hood" batman flick, quality movie :) I strongly, strongly advice against watching "The Last Airbender"... I really really wish they had not screwed that movie up, but they did. they really screwed it up.


Joe Romano 2 said...

That Venom is Bad Ass!!! Nice work, love the original style. Keep up the great work Justin

Evan Ramsay said...

I gotta buy a print of venom. Oooooo