Monday, March 21, 2011

Toronto results!

great wknd. like frosted flakes Greeeaaaat.
on friday, Aaron Douglas (the Chief from Battlestar Gallactica) did a double-take while walking by my booth, was very impressed by my work (I was overly ecstatic about this) so he ended up signing my halo print : "Fraken Badass", he Tweeted about my work, then grabbed a copy of the print for himself to have at his table the entire weekend, his mate:Toby Proctor (sailor moon's Tux Mask also picked up some pieces to show off while signing autographs. Fantastic guys to chat with, wish I hadn't had to fly back home so soon or I would have went out for some drinks with em. next time i'll miss the flippin flight.

My booth neighbors this weekend were the very talented "Red Letter Media" crew (the very same cats responsible for those hilariously scathing 70min Star Wars reviews) They were great guys to be sitting beside, although due to the nature of their fame, they did attract some very... "unique" individuals.

We were also right across from the "SuckerPunch" promotional booth, which had some nice eyecandy, however they also had the one minute trailer blaring and on loop allllll weekend. we almost went insane listening to it over and over again. (the booth girls were equally annoyed with the trailer, but did a great job hiding their frustration)

Got the chance to catch up with Lamin Martin again,
a phenomenal artist I had met last Oct. Huge fan of his work, this cat draws dragons and girls like they should be drawn. I hope/plan to get a colab piece rolling with him sometime in the near future.

check out this guys video, I'm the first artist he shows :)

things for next con: (this list is here, just so I have it written in a place I'll be able to find a couple weeks from now)
- New Muse print
- no more stickers (too much effort, and my work does not make for good stickers)
- something similar to the venom print (spawn?)
- a DC piece (superman/batman Esq)
- redo Kerrigan/stracraft
- Star wars piece/prints
- better paper/stock for comissions
- New portfolio case
- re-tweak remnant 2.0


Jamie Isfeld said...

So excellent to hear you had such a great time there!

Justin said...

it was such a blast! and all the local artists could not say enough great things about the upcoming "FanExpo" in Toronto, definitely making the trip back for that :)