Tuesday, May 5, 2009

can i keep it??

still under construction...
I wanted to use this piece for an upcoming gallery- however I've been staring at it so long that i don't know what to think of it anymore, y'know?

your thoughts would be appreciated mates!


James said...

I like the main image a lot.

The background is too soft in my opinion. The swirling forms are good and the colours are great. There is some kind of disconnect between the sharpness of the character and the softness of the background maybe some slightly sharper mid-ground shapes that might help provide a better sense of depth?

It is coming along nicely though. Keep up the great work!

Justin said...

perhaps some glowing stars would help out with the back/foreground issue. Or maybe a texture multiply?? I shall try some stuff out! Many thanks on the comment, catch ya:P

Joe Romano 2 said...

Hey Justin,
very cool image. I'm with James, she blends into the background. Would it help to add some kind of texture to roughen the background a little? I really don't have any good suggestions, the coloring thing is a challenge for me. I like the image though. Hope all is well