Friday, May 22, 2009

need to keep up on my posting...

well... things have been busy... but then everyone is always super busy, uber fun ain't it?

been concentrating my artistic efforts on a gallery im entering in a couple weeks, I'm almost ready for print prep. exciting times :)

you know whats especially interesting? as soon as you find yourself drowning in projects, you think of 12 other things you would rather be working/starting on. But as soon as you have free time- you go blank.

stupid brain.

stay classy.


Joe Romano 2 said...

Good luck with the gallery Justin. I'll have to check out the link if it's available. I can relate to the every challenging balancing act with different projects. I always seem to want to work on something different that is infront of me.

Good luck to you.

Dan Lamb said...

This is an excellent little sketch. You've really developed your style over the past few years. A+.