Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Long

Just wrapped up August long weekend-and regardless of having no plans made whatsoever, it turned out to be a great one... im writing down what I did -more for me to remember, than for you guys.

Fri- sent off my print files for the upcoming chicago comic con, met up with my mates and went to the "Toad in the Hole" pub, met some random country people, followed them to the "Academy" Patio, after a drink or two there, we skipped over to the Australia bar "billabong" where our bartender working was Jermaine Clements (from flight of the conchords) doppelganger... im still not convinced he wasn't the real one.
From there, we set off on a trek for the "Taverns" rooftop patio-for whatever reason we ended up walking through a forest on the way... was a bit sketchy, there was randomly a mattress in there. The night eneded with a trip to the Poutinery (which is a place that exclusively sells big messy plates of fries+gravy+awesome)

Sat- finished off the above Metroid piece :) then BBQ and beers with some buds, followed by the famous BDI's ice cream and then off to a sports lounge for exotic beer. finished off the night with a marathon of "East Bound and Down"

Sun- went to Winnipegs Folarama Festival "Celtic Pavillion", followed by drinks at a buddies house, then off for pints at the kings head pub- which included a staggering loss at foos ball against some new friends. Im pretty sure they were AAA foos ball players in disguise.

Mon- hit a club for the first time in a while, and did all the things one does at a club. wait in line to get in, danced it up, waited in line to get a drink, dance, waited in line for the patio, rinse and repeat.


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