Thursday, August 18, 2011

some new noise

and now for some ramblings:
Got featured on kotaku which means I received MAD internet attention for a couple days :) always nice

Got back from Chicago wizard con 2011- first off- thank you everyone who came to my booth and purchased work! this was my most succesful artists alley to date, and I am already excited to make the trip next year... (ive been hearing some great things about the Chicago C2E2 show, may have to make that con as well...)

I winged this wknd solo- so I was pretty much stuck behind my table the entire time, but I did manage to wander a bit and check out some of the other talent, this years con featured 500+ artists, and good lord was there some talent kicking around... I wish I had bought/traded far more artwork :S

also grabbed one of these bad boys:

My desk now looks proper-classy

also- did an interview with these guys: the first video just has a little blip of my work/table, but I think the full interview will be posted soon.

my hotel was also quite the wknd experience: I had breakfast a couple tables away from Felicia Day, rode an elevator with the Chewbacca actor, checked out at the same time as Lough Farigno, and took a shuttle back to the airport with one of the Boondock Saints... celebs just coming outa the woodwork

So now that my print inventory has been completely decimated by the classy cats of chicago- its time to rush to my printers for the Toronto Fan Expo in 2 weeks!!

cheers mates!

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