Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toronto Fan Expo Aftermath

Boo-ya! the Toronto Fan Expo went right ahead and rocked my world.

So first off- unlike most con weekends, I actually got a chance to see a bit of the city:) the convention is right downtown, at the MTCC, right at the base of the CN tower. I rode a subway for the first time ever, got lost in a neighborhood or two, saw a bit of buskerfest... all kinds of good times :)

Onto the show!!

Before I even got on the plane- the security guard checking my bags flipped through my portfolio for bombs or w/e, loved my artwork- and so I ended up giving her 2 pieces to take home (she made sure I had been cleared for not having drugs/explosives before accepting) haha

The Fan Expo is huge... and awesome...

I did not get to meet Tom Felton myself (Draco from Harry Potter) but I did send my cousin in for 2 autographed pictures- as I had promised some important ppl back home some malfoy ink :) sounds like he's a pretty easy going guy, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun chatting with him.

I also chatted with Lance Henriksen- twice :D once when I went up for a signature on my "all hail the Queen" piece, and then a second time because he wanted a copy of the picture as well!!

I grabbed another print from Mike Boldt,

his childrenbook illustrations are all kinds of impressive and inspiring- nice guy to boot.

Also met Caanan, this guy has some sick style, most definitely be keeping an eye on his work from now on... very calvin+hobbes esq = im on board.

One of the artists responsible for the Iron Giant movie dropped by to grab a print and chatted :) The Iron Giant is inside my top 10 movies of all time list, so this was beyond cool for me.

an exhausting four days.... think that's about it for the weekend, it was a great show, Im already excited about heading back again next year :)

in other, non-fan-expo news:

I will be in Winnipegs Market square on Oct 1 for " Culture Days" , selling quick sketches and prints... I'm not expecting a huge turnout or profit, but I feel like im behind on my traditional mediums practice quota, and drawing live for kids and bystanders is great incentive/practice.

got interviewed here about the Royals comic hitting shelves

one of the coolest things happened the other day.... a FF fan from the UK has gotten a piece of my art Tattooed front and centre. damn.

ALSO! while were talking about this piece- its been downloaded 100-god-damn-thousand times from some wallpaper site... which is cool... but the fact that they upload their wallpapers without giving credit to the artists has me irked. I have had a dozens of people come up to me at comic cons who recognize the piece because they downloaded it from this site... super cool... but a bit not


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your Cloud vs Sephiroth piece on eBay:

I actually thought it was an amazing piece but quickly realized that it wasn't the seller's work. I used TinEye to do a reverse image search to find out who made it. You! I just wanted to leave you a note because I'm guessing you probably don't enjoy people stealing your work and making money off of it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid URL didn't post. Here it is:

Margaret said...

Hey, Justin,

I would like to talk to you about possible book cover art. Do you have an email to which I can send a detailed message?


Margaret Curelas

Justin said...

Margaret, you can email me at for a discussion regarding freelance.

look forward to hearing from you.

Dundon Rian said...

Hi great readinng your blog