Friday, October 21, 2011

Chasing Artwork_the book.

"An artist is always learning, always evolving, always growing. Your best piece of work will always the next one. Start chasing."

I have started putting together my first ever (limited run) Artbook, which will be published and available early 2012

I met with a printer and publisher/distributer last week, and have everything ready to roll other than building the actual book!
....small details...

This high quality book of awesome will include 60pages of artwork, a detailed description of my vector process , doodles, some of my meandering thoughts, and a bunch of new art (like exclusive never-will-be-posted online- paintings)

At this early stage of the book, I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions on what you guys (as you are a great, and good looking, example of my audience) would like to see or have me talk about in the book, any input would be greatly appreciated

cheers mates.

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