Thursday, October 20, 2011

Launching My First book this Weekend :)

after almost 3 years of work, my first book has been published!

From the author:
This 72 page illustrated book written by a passionate father trying to teach his two teenage children something about electricity. As an engineer I was surprised when looking through my son’s Grade 6 Science book to see the same material introducing the topic of electricity to my son that I saw when I was in Grade 6 back in the 1960s. It showed the basics of static charge like a balloon sticking to a wall and pictures of light bulbs and conventional wall light switches.
Today, in the 21st Century, we live in a different world. The advent of the microchip and computers made teaching the subject of electricity much more relevant and fascinating. My career has taken me along some amazing journeys and has allowed me to see things, which I thought incomprehensible, clearly in a different way.
I wanted to share what I know with my sons in such a way that any entry level or high school student can grasp. The concepts laid here are not complicated. All one needs is imagination. The heart of the digital information age involving computers, smart phones, jump drives, music, video, and cameras are explored through a young girl named Rachel. All this is explained in a non-technical pragmatic way through a strongly visual, picture book format.

I am hoping that in some way this work, inspired by the illustrations provided by Justin Currie, will spark further interest and study in Science and Engineering. I can tell you, it is one heck of a ride, and …… it is just beginning!

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