Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update 2012

Coldfire is being rebuilt!

Here is a current shot of the piece, as well as the original design- still missing a background and fine tuning, but its coming along.

the background is just a squished jpeg I slapped in for testing- but I think I've got things figured out-should have final image in a couple days (video of the "making of" too... as soon as I can figure out what song to match with it)


The coldfire dragon was one of my first really big successful pieces accomplished with the Shattered vector painting style, so I've always been an especially big fan of the piece.

January so far-
Been spending a lot of my spare time on the upcoming "Quackers" children's book, we're trying to have ready for print at the end of the month. I'll post some snippets as soon as it hits printers.

Also had some artwork stolen last week, a European site was selling a piece of mine without permission, and when I emailed them about it, they claimed they had an artist responsible (the f*&^!!). I then showed them several things which proved I had original files, they still refused to take the piece down- so finally in frustration I posted the incident online and informed a couple art communities about the sites art-thievery. from what I hear, the site was soon after attacked with nasty emails+the such.

evil laugh.

The site has since removed my work, but expressed great displeasure concerning their reputation being tainted... easy fix: don't steal artwork. and on top of that, don't claim you didn't steal it when confronted by the artist.

The "Chasing Artwork 01" 60pg Artbook is coming along as well- but mostly in the sense that I'm constantly working on other projects which will eventually end up in the book, I still plan on hitting the printers late Feb/early March to have the 300 copies ready for all the 2012 comic cons I plan on attending. the con scedule is as follows:

Winnipeg Toy+comic Expo (confirmed)
March 3+4

Vancouver Fan Expo (papers filled out)
April 21-22

Calgary Expo (confirmed)
April 27-29

Anime North (I hear its hard to get a table at this one, but will try my best)
May 25-27

Winnipeg Aikon
July --

Chicago Wizard Con
August 9-12

Toronto Fan Expo (papers filled out)
August 23-26

Montreal Comic Con (confirmed)
Sept 17-18

Winnipeg C4
Nov 2-4

Hmm what else...
Resolution: I want to keep this blog updated a big more this year, I find one of my favorite features is just to look back a year or two back and see what I had going on then, and its frustrating when I'm super vague/sparse with my posts :p

Helped out my gf with social posters:
fun lil project, and fun event :)

chat later!
cheers :)

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Anime North o.o ill be sure to stop buy and buy some prints if you get in!