Thursday, April 12, 2012

Final Fantasy 7

Updated an older piece to some new hotness.
You can see my entire series ff7 fanart history below :)

Also! I have a facebook page now- its a bit rough around the edges coming outa the gate,
but I'll be uploading some interesting stuff soon :)


Steven Brown said...

Hey there, I'm looking to build on the FF7 tattoos I have on my arm and was wondering if it would be ok to use one of your designs?

Justin said...

go for it:) all I ask is that promise to send me pics when it's done!
best of luck :)

Steven Brown said...

Will do mate thanks :)

Unknown said...

I love this style! Any chance you would be willing to do more? I want to finally start my FF tattoos and would love to do a full sleeve like this

Justin said...

I'm working on the "death of Zack" scene next :) should make for an awesome addittion

swordsx48 said...

what materials did you use?