Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!! Gotham Gears WIP

I really really tried to get this done for Halloween, but I couldn't make it  and at about 4am last night I realized his look was heading in the wrong direction. I need to make him lankier, change the stance, less bulky torso, there will be stich-esq designs added, and etc.

So heres my first attempt at the Scarecrow Gotham Gear, its got a lot wrong, and needs a fair amount of work before it looks like a proper Scarecorw Mech, but I thought I would share the HORROR that is my half finished work file.  all the parts strewn around him have been torn from other gotham gears

Give me a couple days, I'll get my head back on straight and release the real Scarecrow Gotham Gear. Hope you cats have a happy Halloween!

1 comment:

James said...

Love seeing process Justin. It's good to see you struggle with some of the beautiful work you produce. If you didn't and it was all so easy, I might have to hate you.